Our Wednesday Night Dinner Guests @ Alt

We're still in sunny San Francisco but in just about 24 hours we'll be headed to Salt Lake City for Alt! The first order of business? An amazing dinner with 20+ guests! We've put together a fun little "who's who" of our guests, (with lots of help from Jeran & Elisabeth!) and we can't wait to see everyone on Wednesday night! 

First Row:

Erin: Erin is the editor of My Thirty Spot, a blog dedicated to women in their 30s and our journey. Still feeling as smart, young and sexy as we did in our 20s, but learning life might be more complicated than we anticipated. She's sharing tips and stories on beauty, fashion, anti-aging, money, motherhood, health, diet, recipes, the occasional deal and LIFE. (Twitter & Instagram)

Susan & William: When you pair a photographer and a stylist, you can bet on a beautiful blog, and thats what you get with William and Susan, the creative couple behind House of Brinson. Stuffed full of gorgeous pictures, mouthwatering recipes, and witty writing, their blog documents their goal to find simple pleasures in a complicated world.  (Twitter & Instagram)

Dani: Dani is a registered nurse with a passion for fashion. She loves to find fashion inspiration from others and then put her own twist and personal style on the look.  Her fashion blog, Love Me, Dani Marie is a place where she hopes to inspire others in their style as well. (Twitter & Instagram)

Stacey: Stacey is the force behind the handmade store Fletcher & Fox. Fletcher and Fox is about bringing a bit of the traditional into our homes with a modern touch. Handmade pieces are the ones that have more meaning, offer a feeling of connection, give pause for thought and reflect one-of-a-kind style. (Instagram)

Second Row:
Lauren: Besides being an accomplished gymnast of 17 years, Lauren is the editor in chief and contributor to Food Fit Fab.  Food Fit Fab is a collaborative healthy lifestyle blog dedicated to healthy eating, healthy living and fashion. (Twitter & Instagram)

Janssen: Janssen, the lovely momma behind the lifestyle blog Everyday Reading, lives in North Carolina with her family and blogs about creating a lovely life on a budget. Whether it for homemade bread recipes, frugal outfit inspiration, or easy DIY's, Janssen is your girl. (Twitter & Instagram)

Jesse: This internet entrepreneur is based in San Francisco. When he isn't working, he's enjoying Bay Area living with his three sons. (Twitter)

Leanne: This stylish momma lives outside of LA with her husband and two boys. On top of running the inspiring fashion blog Elle Apparel, Leanne designs her own gorgeous line of skirts. We're convinced the Take a Bow skirt should be a staple in every girls closet. (Twitter Instagram)

Third Row:
Emily: With all of their garments designed and manufactured in the USA in small volume, mabo clothier specializes in fine children's clothing designed for little ones' comfort and simple style. With quality, natural fabrics – cotton and linen for summer and cozy wools for winter, their clothing is characterized by classic, clean designs with contemporary and playful details. (Instagram)

Meg: Megan is a New York City and San Francisco Bay area wedding and portrait photographer.  Her blog is her work, her adventures, her hopes and her life.  It's a beautiful combination of her professional work and her personal posts.  (Twitter & Instagram)

Merrick: Merrick is a mom of two, wife of one and a style, sewing, and refashion blogger on her blog Merricks Art.  She is also a fine artist and a Babble Style writer.  (Twitter & Instagram)

Quinn: Quinn uses her blog, Quinn Cooper Style, as a creative outlet to balance her career in modeling. Based in NYC, Quinn loves traveling, food, and fashion and the swoon worthy pictures on her blog documents all three. (Twitter & Instagram)

Fourth Row:
Jennifer: Salt City Emporium is a "Made in America" company, a lifestyle brand for the modern family. They specialize in cool and fresh designs, that are bold and not for the faint of heart.  Their clothes are comfortable, fashion forward and of the highest quality possible.  They work with amazing artists from all over the globe on exclusive design collaborations. (Twitter & Instagram)

Erin & Tricia: After meeting in a yoga class and then becoming neighbors, Erin and Tricia found a mutual love for decor. Their blog, Suburban Bitches, documents their attempts to take their homes in the suburbs from cookie cutter to fabulous, while raising six kids and maintaining their social drinking problem. Their blog boasts of budget friendly decor with plenty of humor. (Twitter)

Abby: Abby is the author of a beautiful hairstyle handbook and a talented singer. Twist Me Pretty is where she shares her love of hairstyles, DIY projects, decorating ideas and stories of life as a mother of two. (Twitter & Instagram

Robin: Robin is a world traveller and a former corporate creative director and designer.  Urban Garden started as a print magazine and now the blog is a lifestyle story told from the ground up. It’s about the whole circle: from planting a seed to cultivating a garden; to harvesting, cooking, and then serving it all up in style with family and friends in outdoor rooms and indoor gardens. (Twitter)

Fifth Row:
Odette: Originally from Sydney, Odette Williams now calls Brooklyn home. Inspired by New York and Motherhood, Odette launched her kids line in 2013. Her designs are classic, fun, and functional  when it comes to play. All products are made from the highest quality materials and are manufactured in the USA. (Twitter & Instagram)

Michelle: As a personal stylist, Michelle helps women shift their outlook to embrace their own sense of style on her blog Shift Styling. She is also the proud mother of two darling children and lives with her husband in Seattle. (Twitter & Instagram)

Jeran: Jeran is one of our Collectively Alt Correspondents, so say hello if you see her! She writes the lovely blog Oleander and Palm and lives in CA with her husband and two children. (Twitter & Instagram

Elisabeth: Another Collectively Alt Correspondent, Elisabeth is the always-stylish voice behind Bella the Blog, a fun blog featuring plenty of fashion and fun lifestyle details and photos. She lives in Ohio with her husband. (Twitter & Instagram)

Last Row:
Ryan: Collectively's founder & CEO. Ryan lives in San Francisco with her 1 year-old baby daughter Wesley and her husband Tim. (Twitter & Instagram)

Alexa: Collectively's co-founder and head of collaborations. Alexa also lives in San Francisco, with her dog Clyde and husband Matt. (Instagram