Collectively's Endless Summer

While the temperature's currently climbing in SF, it seems like in the blink of an eye summer came and went. Whether you're still sporting your summer dresses or throwing on an extra layer (or two), lets take a moment to reminisce on what the ladies of Collectively have been up to this summer. 

There will always be at least one unexpected encounter at large events, but little did Alexa (Co-Founder & Head of Collaborations) know that she'd have a run in with a reindeer at her friend's wedding!

Who's that girl in the fly red car? Caroline (Senior Manager, Collaborations) gets ready for a joy ride, and looks European chic, in her brand new Fiat. 

Oh la la! Meagan (Collaborations Assistant) takes on the role of art aficionado at the iconic Musee du Louvre.

Shuck yeah! Mari (Community & Social Media Lead) masters the perfect technique, shucking oysters on a sunny day in Tomales Bay.

Only in SF does a smorgasbord of wine and cheese come hand in hand with an epic music festival. Jasmine's (Collaborations Intern) favorite pairing? Red wine and camembert. 

Have a summer story you want to share with us? Still traveling and want tips from our team? Comment below!