Pandora: The Best "That's my jam!" Moments

You know that moment when your favorite song comes on the radio? When you feel giddy, shout out 'that's my jam!' and can't help but bust a move? Pandora wants you to live that moment again and again, so they rolled out an awesome new station that allows users to listen to all their favorite songs, one after the other!

Pandora’s new ‘Thumbprint Radio’ compiles all the tracks a user has given a thumbs up to over the years. To celebrate the new feature, Collectively collaborators teamed up with Pandora to share their personal ‘that’s my jam!’ moments on Instagram, YouTube and Vine. The campaign was all about capturing that #nofilter reaction when your favorite jam comes on, and our collaborators did just that with humor and amazing dance moves.

Here are some of the highlights...