Mozilla: An Inspiring Collaboration of Art & Code

At Collectively, we love code! So we were thrilled to team up with Mozilla to help spread the word about their open source Instagram account, @MozillaGram, and their #TheArtOfCoding campaign! 

For this project, Collectively Collaborators shared their favorite lines of code (the backbone of blogs everywhere!) in support of Mozilla's manifesto for digital literacy and open source education for all. Collaborators touched on their personal experiences learning and using code, crediting their skill as a valuable tool for expanding their digital expression. Lines of code were artistically styled in each collaborator's unique aesthetic, resulting in a true collaboration of art and digital code. Check out some of the awesome images below!

I often hear those three little words. You know the ones! "I'm not creative." And it surprises me every time. Creativity is more than knitting a jumper or painting a picture. It's writing a story, taking a picture or even coding a website! Yes really! Luckily my job lets me do all of those things. I love that I have the ability to create my own websites and showcase to the world what I have to offer. It's been a changing point in my life and because of it I feel like I have a voice in this noisy world. That's why I'm so happy to partner with @mozillagram who have made it their mission to teach digital literacy around the world and give a voice to so many more who need it with #theartofcoding. Find out how you can get involved by checking out Mozilla's brand new open-source Instagram!

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