Gearing up for the holiday hustle? The season to be merry and full of cheer is also one of the most stressful times of year – but our resourceful collaborators have great advice to help you maintain sanity!

In our recent collaboration with Rescue, they opened up about their personal challenges in managing stress, and got real about how to #StressLess. Take these tips with you into the holiday season, take care of yourself and be well!


1. Get enough sleep.

The House That Lars Built reveals the secret to conquering stressful situations: SLEEP! Want to make sleeping more fun? Catch some Z's this season with her Rescue inspired DIY Sleeping Masks, designed for total relaxation.


2. Practice meditation and commit to exercise!  

Meditation, exercise and Rescue drops are helping Megan of A Sweet Spoonful stay calm this holiday season. She put her spin on a classic holiday favorite, adding a few drops of Rescue for a dose of relaxation! Get her coconut eggnog (aka CocoNog!) recipe and enjoy! 


Eggnog not your thing? Try this Coconut Lavender London Fog {Vegan} Latte from Will Frolic For Food! In her post, she opens up about her dedication to mindfulness and yoga, inspiring us to cultivate more Zen in our lives!


3. Plan ahead for stressful moments. 

Thirteen Thoughts knows that stress and anxiety are inevitable given her busy, on-the-go lifestyle. She plans ahead for stressful moments by learning to identify her body's stress signals and keeping the right tools on hand. Lately, she never leaves the house without Rescue!


4. Take extra care when traveling.

Emily Chapelle of Joyful Abode and her adorable family know how to travel together! Her 6 Ways to #StressLess post is a must-read for anyone traveling with kids this holiday season!


Bri Emery is causing major bag envy among us. She's got her list of #StressLess travel essentials down to a science, which includes the Rescue Pastilles, and we're definitely taking notes.



5. Dedicate time for self-care.

The Curvy Fashionista reminds us of the importance of self-care. In her post, she reveals everything she's doing in her life right now to manage stress.  Spoiler: it's a multi-faceted approach! 





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