Coffee With Collaborators: Alicia Nicholls of Neon Fox

We’re excited to announce a new blog series, Coffee with Collaborators. At least once a month, Collectively will invite one of our Collaborators to coffee to learn more about them and discuss the industry.  We’ll be recapping our conversations here on the blog so you can learn along with us.

Alicia Nicholls // Neon Fox

This month, we had our first coffee date with Brooklyn based Alicia Nicholls of Neon Fox. Her blog caught our eye thanks to her amazing style and truly fabulous hair. She’s also super savvy, which made for a great conversation over coffee. Read on for the recap…

WHO: Alicia Nicholls


  • What it means to be an influencer
  • Making the switch from blog to YouTube
  • How to juggle it all

WHERE: Postmark Café, Brooklyn, NY


Blog Name: Neon Fox

Age: 21

Occupation: Full Time Student & Blogger

Years blogging at Neon Fox: 3

Collectively: "How do you feel about the term ‘influencer’? What does it mean to you to be an influencer?"

Alicia: "The term influencer is such a strong word today that I feel it gives the influencer a sense of power. Being an influencer, to me, means that I am trustworthy, an inspiration, a leader, and relatable to other people."

Collectively: "What goals have you set for your site/brand this year?"

Alicia: "This year I want to make my site to become a destination for people to find inspiration. And I want to create a community where people can connect with me."

Collectively: "You mentioned you were staking a claim in the YouTube space and building the Neon Fox YouTube channel. What’s your strategy to accomplish that goal and what are some challenges you’ve faced?"

Alicia: "Yes, I am finally in the YouTube world and I want to use that space to be even more of an inspiration to people like myself. When I first started out I was a little nervous to transition to something so different from my blog but I have received nothing but great support from my readers, friends, and family. I'm excited for this new chapter."

Collectively: "What advice would you give to someone who’d like to make YouTube videos?"

Alicia: My advice is to just do it and have fun with it. Making YouTube videos can be a great self learning experience.

Collectively: "Being in school full time and running a blog sounds like a lot – how do you balance your time and is it possible to do it all?"

Alicia: "Honestly, for me there's no real balance in running a blog and going to school. There were some stressful times but I figured that if I just go at my own pace and continue to do what I want I could do anything I put my mind to. So far I've made just about anything I wanted possible."

Collectively: "What drives you to keep blogging and building your brand? In the moments where it all seems like too much, what keeps you going?"

Alicia: "My passion to create drives me to keep blogging and building my brand. I never feel overworked when I'm creating content for my blog because creativity is like fuel for me."

If you’d like to schedule a coffee chat in NY, LA or SF, send us an email to…we can’t wait to meet you!


The Collectively Team