Collaborator FAQ


What is Collectively?

We’re an agency dedicated to enabling the most creative people in social media to collaborate easily and effortlessly with brand marketers across innovative sponsored opportunities.


Who is behind Collectively?

Collectively was founded in July of 2013 by Ryan Stern and Alexa Tonner, two women who are crazy about social media and have spent the past 10 years making a career of ideating and executing creative initiatives between brands and bloggers. After working for big brands and ad networks for years, we decided to put our hard work into their own company. We look forward to growing with you!


Who can join the community?

Collectively accepts any dedicated, creative social media users who are interested in collaborating with brands, including bloggers, pinners, Instagrammers, Facebookers, YouTubers, and Twitter users. We call our community members, Collaborators.


How does Collectively match brands and Collaborators?

First, Collaborators join our community by providing in-depth information on themselves and their areas of interest. When Collectively has a brand partnership opportunity, we send an email notification to all Collaborators who fit the opportunity profile. Collaborators can either accept or ignore the opportunity, and then they are submitted for final approval to the brand.


If I’m selected for an opportunity, what do I have to do?

It depends! We offer a wide range of opportunity types, and often each assignment is different. Collectively manages the process from start to finish, providing clear directions and acting as a resource for guidance and any questions that arise. We take care of the little details so you can stay focused on the good stuff—like the content and your audience.


What types of opportunities does Collectively offer?

We’ve spent years developing brand initiatives on social media, so we take a variety of approaches to collaborations, including sponsored posts, sponsored social media, events, photo shoots, video shoots, focus groups, product trial, and more. Our opportunity bar is set high—they need to be creative, appropriate for social media, offer value for both brand and Collaborator, and be budgeted fairly. We don’t waste time with the programs that fall short or make unreasonable requests.


What kinds of brands does Collectively work with?

Collectively partners with a variety of brands to bring opportunities to Collaborators, from Fortune 200 brands that are household names to independent or startup companies you’ll be excited to discover first.


How much does Collectively cost?

Nothing! Collectively is free to join for Collaborators.


Can I work with Collectively and my Ad Network?

Collectively does not require exclusivity from our Collaborators. Collectively is not a media company, and does not represent any banner or display advertising services for our Collaborators. However, we strongly encourage any Collaborator to review any contract they have signed with another company to be absolutely certain they are not precluded from working with Collectively in any way. It’s unlikely, but we are firm believers in double-checking.


Am I paid for opportunities I participate in with Collectively?

Yes, Collaborators are paid or (less frequently), they receive fair value in the form of good or services in exchange for participating.


How much will I be paid?

Payment for opportunities varies, and is dependent on the project, the work required, and the influence and/or audience level of the Collaborator. You’ll agree to your payment terms on a per opportunity basis prior to agreeing to the opportunity. 


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