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Absolut Pride 2018 @everettwilliams


Absolut, the first spirits bottle to wear the rainbow flag, created a new brush-stroked “Rainbow Edition” to celebrate the flag’s 40th anniversary heading into 2018 Pride, and wanted to build buzz for the brand as a champion of equality.


Throughout the month of Pride celebrations around the world, we produced a 2-pronged influencer activation with thirteen influencers from different walks of life for Absolut, a brand with unparalleled loyalty and support for the LGBTQ community.

Key influencers converged on Florida’s largest pride festival in St. Petersburg and jumped into the festivities put on by Absolut. Our diverse range of content creators and advocates marched in the parade and popped in and out of various parties all weekend, producing branded content on Instagram and Instagram Stories to capture Absolut’s presence amidst joyful, colorful scenes.

Chicago and New York-based influencers marched in their own towns at separate times, evangelizing Absolut and its Rainbow Edition, showing the breadth of the brand’s involvement in the Pride movement. These influencers also shared content that brought this inclusive moment to life, and included personal anecdotes about their relationships and reflections on the importance of being part of a supportive community.


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