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Latch Product Launch

Munchkin Hero2 2X1

The Latch bottle for baby feeding needs by @livinglifesmoments.


Munchkin wanted to reinforce their position as a design-minded and premium brand that creates great products for families with newborns, babies and children.


Munchkin’s challenge was to partner with influential moms who could share authentic social stories of their Latch line-boosting awareness, engagement and consideration for the brand’s revamped line in 2016.

We activated Lifestyle, Family and Design-based collaborators to drive buzz for the revamped Latch line, by sharing compelling stories around motherhood.


  • 7.6MM Earned Media Reach
  • 250 Influencer Posts
  • 32K Engagements

Program Elements

Icon 64 Pe Influencer Strategy
Influencer Strategy

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Content Strategy

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Product Sampling

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Custom Reporting

Content Highlights

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