Collectively, Inc. | Looking Back at 2020


It’s time to check all assumptions about influencer marketing—2020 changed everything.

Our latest industry report covers learnings from that pivotal year.

The report

"Social Influence in a Changing World"

Our analysis covers everything from the impact of COVID-19 and the social justice movements in the US, to the rising cost of creator partnerships and growing demand for content licensing. Catch up on what's in—and what’s out—when it comes to:


  • 385 Influencer Partners
  • 25 Brand Marketers
  • 15 Industries
  • 350+ Collaborations
  • Creator Matchmaking
  • Collaboration Approaches
  • Publishing Preferences
  • Content Licensing
  • Negotiating Partnerships
  • Analytics and Paid Media

As our discipline becomes tuned toward performance, marketers must balance results with the humanity behind the practice. From the values that guide partner selection to equity in compensation, it is a critical time to refine one's approach.

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