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In our latest industry report, we reflect on the maturity of influencer marketing, and its essential place in the modern marketer's mix.

The report


From investment trends and campaign strategy to reporting evolutions and influencer perspectives, our latest report paints a complete picture of influencer marketing in 2020.

With insights from marketers, creators, and talent agents, and drawing on data from 235+ campaigns, we present everything you need to know master the practice.


  • 475 Influencer Partners
  • 30 Brand Marketers
  • 15 Industries
  • 235 Collaborations
  • Takeaways & Predictions
  • Investment Trends
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Usage & “Influence Media”
  • Performance & ROI
  • Platform Innovations

Influencer marketing is full-funnel

A priority investment among marketers—91% believe it's an effective spend.

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91% of marketers agree that influencer marketing is an effective use of budget, and the practice is poised for growth in 2020.” Get the full report from @CollectivelyInc 👉

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