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1. The More You Fake It, The Less You’ll Make It
Stay focused on growing your brand transparently and connecting with your audience in authentic ways. Engagement is just as important as size, and both brands and consumers know how to sniff out forced content. The takeaway? Keep it real.

2. Go On, Sell Yourself
We encourage influencers to be themselves and share what makes him or her special. A succinct and informational follow-up can help shine a light on why you are an ideal partner. You have the power to position yourself in the best way possible to a potential brand partner.

3. Professionalism Gets Points
Overall attitude and professionalism affect business relationships, and a partner who is reliable, flexible and responsive is just as important as meeting the criteria set forth by the brand. At Collectively, we strive to ensure both collaborators and brands have an excellent experience working with us – and that starts with selecting partners who reflect our high touch dedication.

4. It’s Not You, It’s Them
In this fast-paced, constantly evolving, real-time environment, brands often pivot throughout the influencer search. It could be a strategy change in response to new sales data, or internal budget shifts that impact a campaign. These types of business decisions often take place but are never personal.

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