QuickBooks TikTok Hashtag Challenge


With our unique and own-able Hashtag Challenge shaped to TikTok’s best practices, we were able to drive awareness for the QuickBooks brand, create connections with the small business owner community and inspire participation amongst our audience.


We designed a comprehensive influencer strategy that included TikTok's first-ever B2B Branded Hashtag Challenge with a 2D Branded Effect and custom sound to honor small businesses. Shaped to TikTok's best practices, the initiative drove awareness for the QuickBooks brand, created connections with the small business owner community, and inspired participation amongst target audiences.

The #QuickBooksVictoryPose encouraged users to strike a victory pose to celebrate business wins and honor small businesses pursuing their dreams. The Hashtag Challenge inspired owners to name their proudest achievements, while supporters shared how and why they support small businesses.


The HTC campaign combined the branded effect and custom audio in 15 organic posts and generated 29 million organic TikTok Impressions, 41 million paid TikTok Impressions, and a 496% View Rate.

In total, the challenge generated 1.4 billion views, 442 million engagements, and 1.4 million video creations while driving a 22% conversation relevance and impressive net sentiment of 96%. A post-campaign Brand Lift Study showed a 3.5% increase in brand awareness and a 3.1% lift in brand association.

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