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Vaseline’s new Lip Therapy Tins, originally exclusive to the UK, have made their way to the US and on our list of must-have beauty essentials! These cute, chic and colorful tins are the perfect solution for all day lip therapy. The tins contain 100% pure Vaseline Jelly and are proven to soothe dry skin and provide long-lasting moisture.

Our digital creators teamed up with Vaseline for this influencer marketing campaign to show just how well the Lip Tins fit into their everyday routines. Long-time fans of the product loved the sleek new design of the tins, noting that they quickly became mandatory on-the-go companions. The Lip Tins kept influencers' lips moisturized all winter long and are now helping to achieve a natural sun-kissed smile just in time for spring!

P.S. The best part? They’re sold at Target!

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