CampaignsMay 12, 2016

Method: Fear No Mess

There's one thing that most creatives have in common: they aren't afraid to make a mess. Enter Method, the trusted source for clean up needs, whatever they may be. On behalf of Method's fear no mess campaign, our DIY masters, culinary experts and design gurus rolled up their sleeves to share their own brand of messy. Check out their creations below!

Melodrama's Fabric Decoupaged Record Player

If you've ever dared to decoupage, you know that a clean surface is key for successful application. Armed with Method all-purpose, Krys from Melodrama proves that decoupage is anything but daunting. Her super cute DIY project has us plotting our next craft day. The retro fabric she used transformed her plain Jane record player into a colorful work of art!


Turntable Kitchen Fears No (Juice) Mess

With three little ones at home, the mama bear behind Turntable Kitchen knows her fair share of clean-up chaos. So when Method challenged her to fear no mess, she surrendered. She took on colorful, vibrant produce and whipped up three nutrient rich juice recipes. Messy dishes and counter tops were handled by Method dish soap.


The Kipi Blog & Pink Spray Paint

Our friend Marjorie of the Kipi Blog isn't afraid to get her hands dirty. Inspired by Method's pink grapefruit hand soap, she took to her backyard with a can of bubblegum pink spray paint and made the cutest cafe table.


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