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We were excited to partner with Keds for Zappos, as Keds has been a global footwear leader in women empowerment for over one hundred years.

Whether it be a love for fashion, design or DIY and crafts -- Our colorful, digital influencers were able to showcase Ked's accessible footwear in their own personal style for this marketing campaign.

Color me courtney keds


Kelly in the city keds


Some of our influencers took it a step up and customized their Keds based on what inspires them!

Jojotastic diy keds zappos tassels 6 750x1125


Fox and she ked


"I seriously consider Kedsmy go-to, because they're cute enough to walk around in, but also to get active in!" - Steffy from Steffy Pros and Cons. You can literally go anywhere with Keds on and still be comfortable...

Steffy pros and cons


A keen sense of style keds


Make sure you tie up your laces for the next Keds adventure!

Meet at the barre keds