First things first: When we kick off a new campaign, we initiate a detailed briefing phase to learn about the ideal content creator the brand is interested in partnering with. Each brand has unique and specific needs, and each initiative varies in terms of influencer criteria.

Next, we dive into the recruitment phase. Keeping the brand's influencer criteria top of mind, we build a list of all potential collaborators who are a fit for the campaign. When assessing who might be a good fit for the campaign, we consider factors such as audience size, engagement rate, editorial quality, alignment to brand aesthetic and initiative, as well as examples of past sponsored content.

This is where you come in. If we think you’re a possible fit, you’ll receive an invitation to sign up for the opportunity and give you the chance to voice your interest loud and clear. Take some time to reach out to us (we love when you write in to introduce yourself!) and provide any extra details as to why you’d be perfect for the campaign. We take the feedback you share into consideration and update your profile to help get you noticed by brands.

If you receive an email from Collectively about a campaign, that means we’re in the outreach phase of the program. We reach out to all potential collaborators on our list to gauge their interest in the campaign. This email includes a brief overview of the campaign with a projected timeline and deliverables. You’ll also find a link to a short survey that helps us gather additional information for the brand. If an agent or manager represents you, you won’t receive these emails directly. Our protocol is to reach out to agents and negotiate partnerships on behalf of their talent.

Once collaborators have completed the sign-up survey, we compile the submissions and share them with the brand—this initiates the client review and approval phase. Make sure you’re filling out the surveys thoroughly because brands have visibility into your feedback!

With your interests now in the brand's hands, it can take up to a week for our team to receive a list of approved collaborators for the campaign. If selected, you’ll receive an email from a member of our team to confirm your participation. This email outlines the next steps, timeline, and compensation details and kicks off the contracting phase of the program—the ball is now in your court to decide if you want to move forward with the partnership.

While most partnerships pay cash, some are in-kind opportunities that allow you to walk away with free products or services in exchange for a quick social review. Either way, we see every partnership as a chance to build a working relationship with a brand. Audience size, engagement rate, exclusivity, and usage terms, as well as any other custom elements that impact your time and services, all contribute to the offer amount.

We understand that not being selected for campaigns is discouraging, and our team is working around the clock to enhance our recruitment process, integrate your feedback, and increase our number of brand partners.

If you have questions or comments on our process, feel free to send us a note.