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A few weeks ago, we had the honor of speaking at Alt Summit –– haven't heard of Alt? It's a pretty magical event for influencers and content creators (learn more about it here). We presented on a panel to talk about the current state of influencer marketing, specifically around a topic that is ambiguous, and sometimes confusing, but necessary. Numbers! And specifically, revenue numbers!! As a lot of influencers in our community keep asking what they should or could be charging when partnering with brands, we realize that there is a lot of confusion and conversations happening! As our co-presenter Ashlee put it: "Asking a blogger what they charge, what they earn, or to show you their real stats is like asking someone if they're pregnant...you just don't do it." It's personal just like people don't like to reveal information that is pretty confidential to their business or finances.

Having partnered with hundreds of bloggers, Pinners, YouTubers, Instagrammers and so many more over social media collaborators over the years, we’re often asked "where do I stack up in the overall community in terms of size, earnings, opportunities, rates, etc." "What's average?" "What's typical?"

We got these questions so frequently at Alt last January, that when we returned to San Francisco, we kicked-off a community-wide project to uncover the data we'd need to answer these questions.

After a few months surveying our Collaborators, we compiled the results and presented a sneak peek for the Alt Summer event – and we're very excited to publish the data from the presentation here for your viewing pleasure!

Please Note: Our goal was to publish data in aggregate to establish some general benchmarking for the business of individual digital content creators. This data reflects aggregated input from 350 Collaborators in our community across all sizes and years of experience, who are all actively interested and seeking out brand partnerships.

We believe our report paints a realistic, and broad generalpicture of what is typical and average across the influencer marketing industry right now. That being said, it's definitely not perfectly reflective of every partnership, and the landscape is quickly evolving and changing!

We hope that you enjoy our presentation – and imagine it being presented IRL on a big shiny stage! But, since it is probably being viewed on a laptop by a smaller audience, we encourage you to view the data as reference points and goal posts to better understand where you might fit in, manage your own business expectations, and chart a solid path for success – whatever that means for your own content and brand!

View the report here.

And if you have any questions or want to grab a cup of coffee to talk content marketing, we'd love to hear from you!