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In the ever-changing world of blogging and social media, seasoned pros and new influencers alike often find themselves in need of a quick digital etiquette refresh. While we may not be the original Emily Post ourselves, our countless work with brands and influencers has afforded us the know-how on the common courtesies essential to creating and promoting your personal brand.

Here are our 5 Simple Rules to keep your online presence proper and polished.

1. Give Credit Where It's Due

Whether it's an endorsement or simply sharing content you've found and loved, it's vital to the credibility of your blog to disclose and credit outside sources. While sponsored content is a complex entity of its own, when you post or share an image or text copy from a third-party source, always spell out where it came from and include a link.

2. Say "Thanks"

When a fellow blogger or brand shares and credits your content from a collaboration or simply out of admiration, it's common courtesy to express "thanks." How does this translate digitally? A "like," "favorite" or retweet will suffice, but we suggest going the extra mile with a personal response via social, and if possible, email. Better yet (as firm believers of putting pen to paper) we even suggest sending a handwritten note!

3. Reciprocate

As your audience and network of "internet friends" grows, you'll find that your content will be shared. A great way to reciprocate is finding ways to build other bloggers and influencers content into your editorial calendar. This can range from a simple tweet linking to that mouth-watering recipe that caught your eye or a round-up post of outfits you are currently coveting.

4. Share the Link Love

Never underestimate the power of link love! Not only does this attribute content (see Rule 1) to third-party publications, brands, and fellow bloggers, but in turn, it sends traffic to your blog and social platforms. Calling out your favorite brand or a blogger you admire can bring the attention you need for future cross-promotion or collaborations.

5. Respond to Comments

Ever send a thoughtful note and end up not receiving a response? The feeling's the same with commenters on your blog and social channels. These are some of the most active members of your digital audience - so we suggest devoting a time each day or each week to acknowledge and respond, ultimately boosting engagement and following.

Did we forget anything? Share any of your top tips and basic practices in the comments below!