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Influencer marketing isn’t just for lifestyle and consumer brands. With the right approach, businesses and technology companies can leverage the power of social influence to support B2B initiatives.

Our recent award-nominated B2B influencer strategy reveals 3 principles for mixing business and social media influencers, and illustrates how a social-led video strategy can elevate B2B messages.

Think outside the box.
Our work for HP's OfficeJet Pro video “Meet the Intern” leverages the stories of small business owners and influencer ambassadors in an ongoing comedic branded video series shared across the web. Rather than allocating huge budgets to traditional TV spots, B2B marketers can focus on digital video that’s distributed at a lower cost with more precise audience targeting. Plus, integrating trusted influential voices brings credibility to the brands narrative.

It’s all about who your work with.
Find the right influencer who aligns with your customer. For “Meet the Intern,”we cast TV personality and ESPN sportscaster Charissa Thompson. Her on-camera presence and reputation among HP's target customer set—small business owners— positioned her as the perfect match for the campaign, which aimed to highlight the OfficeJet Pro’s features and increase consideration and sales.

Meet customers where they are.
Leveraging content across social and digital advertising is they key to reaching the widest range of potential customers. We worked alongside our clients to help craft a strategic video distribution plan that spans HP's marketing mix and retail partner sites, and includes influencer ambassador amplification—the results of which have generated a measured sales lift for the OfficeJet Pro.

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