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Antonio Ramos

Antonio, aka Tonio Skits, is a New York City native now living in North Hollywood where he shoots viral content with his ‘NoHo crew.’ He started making content seriously two and a half years ago after a bad breakup, using Instagram as an outlet to share hilarious skits about the realities of dating and relationships. Over time, his content has evolved to encompass broader lifestyle topics, while celebrating his Latin culture and showing off his epic dance moves. Long term, Tonio wants to make the jump into traditional TV, specifically writing and directing.

Chelsea Crockett

Seven years ago, Chelsea started the BeautyLiciousInsider channel and has been making beauty tutorials for her fans ever since. She quickly rose to fame within the YouTube community and was even invited to take part in a pilot series that documented the real lives of YouTube creators. Her channel, now self-titled as Chelsea Crockett, continues to thrive. At 19 years old, she's taking the time to consider her next move after completing her first book, Your Own Beautiful. One thing's for sure, she's still dedicated to serving up fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content for her 1.5M subscribers.

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Laura Clery

The classically trained actress got tired of auditioning over and over again, not getting the parts she wanted and feeling constrained by the route to traditional Hollywood success. So, she decided to take matters into her own hands and create her own (sometimes risque!) content. 3M+ Facebook fans later a - she's made it. Laura develops her own characters and writes her own scripts, and her fans simply can't get enough of it. She's landed some epic brand collaborations as of late and a string of shout-outs in the press for success as one of the top video publishers on Facebook. When asked about following FTC disclosures, she has no qualms. Her audience adores her and her content: "even if it's sponsored, it doesn't detract from the value". Fair warning...some content is PG-13!

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Jack Way

We met up with Jack and got the scoop on Music.ly, Lively and what it's like to have serious #fandom. After a year of dedicating to Instagram and seeing major growth on Music.ly, Jack decided it was time for his VidCon debut. Not sure what to expect, he was surprised to come face to face with his fans in real life, and even more surprised when they showed up at his hotel room looking for him. While new to brand collaborations, Jack's been earning money on Lively where his fans can donate money during his live streams - anywhere from .25 cents to $100 - and starting to have brands reach out for Instagram product integrations. He's headed to LA to attend college this fall and not sure where the industry will take him. He reported a drop in views on Music.ly over the last few month and as a result he's putting more effort into evolving his Instagram presence.

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Toddy Smith

Self-proclaimed hopeless romantic, Toddy Smith creates lifestyle content with a humorous edge. Originally from Huntington Beach, this SoCal native is beloved by his audience and stole our hearts when we met him at VidCon. Toddy doesn't roll solo - he can generally be found with best friends Scotty Sire, David Dobrik and Zane Hijazi, filming together and having tons of fun while they're at it. In addition to vlogging and creating content for the internet, Toddy does some modeling on the side and eventually wants to translate his content creation skills into something bigger - TV, commercials, script writing, movies, etc.

Offbeat Look

Brooklyn-based hair expert, Camille Johnson, started her YouTube channel back in Jr. High against her parent's wishes at the time. Today, she's amassed over 300K subscribers and her parents are totally on board with their daughter earning money making videos. Every YouTube creator has that one video that went viral and helped them grow exponentially - for Camille, it was her Nicki Minaj Transformation Makeup Tutorial that changed things forever. We've been lucky to have had the opportunity to work with this talented hair expert - who's admitted to having dyed her hair just about every color under the sun. What's next for Camille? A pilot series with YouTube on all things hair!

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Justin Tse
Justin Tse

Canadian based tech reviewer, content creator and full-time student - Justin impressed us with his business savvy approach to building his channel. What started out as a side hustle has become a lucrative gig. While he feels that Canada doesn't offer as many brand collaboration opportunities for creators compared to the US, he does see some benefits to being part of a smaller market. Long-term goals for Justin include pivoting into the Lifestyle category to supplement his traditional tech content.

Grant Thompson
The King of Random

Before creating videos on YouTube, Grant worked as a pilot and then built his own real estate business. His enormous drive and insatiable curiosity have helped him grow his channel to 8M+ subscribers in just 5 years. He's always been fascinated with how things were made, which ultimately led him to start his channel which is all about life hacks, myth busting, and experiments. With videos like TNT Bath Bombs, How To Set Ice on Fire and How To Make Lego Gummy Candy, his videos (created with help from his team) entertain and educate.

Inspire to Make

Igor started his YouTube channel on a bet with his girlfriend that he could get 100K subscribers in a year. Two years later, he's gained over 230K subscribers as a result of producing high-quality DIY videos choreographed to music. Today, he's thinking about how he can grow his audience on Facebook where he see's a lot of future monetization potential. "Facebook is going to have to figure out how to protect people's content, though", he told us, as it's currently easy for 'ghost users' to repurpose other's video content for their own pages. In addition to creating his own YouTube videos, he works full-time for a post production video agency.