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@mattyb presenting "Instagram Killed the TV Star"

With over 80 panels, workshops, and speakers, Social Media Week was packed with industry insights and predictions. As it comes to a close, we’ve curated five pieces of #SMWNYC gold: one-liners on the state of social that you need to know about.

1. “Snapchat is the Harry Potter newspaper” @sarah_frank, Editor of @nowthisnews
Sarah shared about the grueling realities of running a daily Snapchat discover channel. It’s a demanding 24-hour news cycle and you can’t miss a beat. The catch? All your work is gone within 24 hours. So, why focus energy on Snapchat? Well, everyone’s asking the same thing now that Snap Inc’s IPOis official.

2. “FOMO Share” @henrygoldman, Head of Video @buzzfeednews
What is a FOMO Share? It’s when someone is so into your content that they just have to be apart of it. Thus, they share it. This is the goal for any content play, and in order to make it happen take note of #3.

3. “Authenticity is the key ingredient to drive engagement” @kellywenzel, CMO @Contently
We couldn’t agree more! In fact, we live and breathe for authenticity—it’s the DNA of true influence. Placing authenticity above all else is the first step to instigating a FOMO Share and doing influencer marketing right. When influencers are encouraged to be themselves, integrate product authentically and do their thing, engagement happens. This concept is at the core of every Collectively program!

4. “Platforms are king, which means traditional TV is dead. The future of TV is a giant iPad on your living room wall” @mattyb, CEO @CrowdTap
When was the last time you watched your favorite show? Did you watch it on TV, or did you stream it through Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Hulu or Netflix? We’re betting you didn’t watch it on TV. A Nielsen study points out that ‘traditional TV viewing by 18-24-year-olds has fallen by roughly 40% between 2011 and 2016.’ The question everyone’s asking: “what does this mean for advertisers?” Industry leaders at Social Media Week are predicting that brand marketers will funnel more money towards Influencer Marketing and other social media marketing versus traditional TV advertising. Good news for influencers!

5. “There are 4 billion people without Internet today, that’s 4 billion people with untold stories” Megan Summers, Global Head of Production, @Facebook
Can you imagine life without Facebook? This stat hit us hard, and made us think big about digital literacy and connectivity as a human right. #freeinternetforall