Who:Lougè Delcy
Where: La Colombe, SoHo, NYC
What: Creative Process; the Dapper Lou Brand; the Term "Influencer"
Occupation: Creative Director & Photographer

Brooklyn-based photographer and creative director Lougè Delcy is a force to be reckoned with. Self-taught and fiercely creative, his bold and captivating colorful photography has us mesmerized.

Lougè recently partnered with us on an HP Spectre campaign and continues to create compelling content throughout all of his brand collaborations and artistic endeavors. Read on as he shares insights on his creative process, thoughts on the term 'influencer', and upcoming plans for more collaborations!

Q: What’s was your journey to becoming an artist? Did you set out to study photography when you were growing up in Brooklyn?
I didn't go to school for photography. At one point I was going to be a teacher but that was short lived. After dropping out of college I became a freelance stylist working on unpaid gigs. Then, I picked up a camera and fell in love with photography.

Q: As a professional photographer with a substantial Instagram following, what do you think about using social media as a platform to regularly share your work?
My career was built on sharing photos on the Internet. With social media, people can see your growth and unswerving dedication to creating solid content and that's the foundation my brand was built upon.

Q: Your photos are beautiful. Can you tell us more about your process from concept and shooting, to editing and posting? You seem to share a lot of sequential/series of images on Instagram - why is that?
First, an idea comes to mind. Then, I start thinking about how can I execute it while staying true to my voice and vision. I want the model, product and overall message to be cohesive. For me, a set of 3 images helps tells the same story from different vantage points, and to get the treatment that I want, I use tools like Lightroom.


Q: Staying true to your voice and vision is so important, especially when collaborating with companies. What are some of the ways in which you're partnering with brands?
I love branding and storytelling. I recently worked on a project in South Africa where I photographed digital and printed material for a client. Brands are busy making the product, and I like being able to tell the story of that product. I also like working on long term projects so I can grow with the company and better understand their specific needs year after year.

Q: What are your thoughts on the term, “influencer”? Do you consider yourself an influencer?
Honestly, when I started my career people called me a blogger which I really didn't like because it was a poor reflection of my work and didn't represent any of my goals. I prefer the term influencer because it has a broader meaning, you can be a Creative Director, a musician, and a painter and yet be an influencer.

Q: Where do you see the Dapper Lou brand heading into the future? Any particular goals in mind?
Well, I just opened up Dapper Studios which is a Creative Agency and Collective in Brooklyn. I have friends that are woodworkers, designers, writers, stylist, and models, so the space is a place for people to create and work on projects. Ultimately, the space will make room for more collaborations between creatives and brands.


Q: What have been the best brand collaborations you’ve worked on, and what makes a brand collaboration exciting to you?
One project that stands out is when my friends at, Christian Louboutin asked me to send 3 people from my team for a look book campaign. I thought this was very cool because I love collaborating with true friends and of course a brand that I admire.

The brand collaboration should always be organic and authentic. Otherwise, it won't work. The excitement comes when a brand gives you creative freedom to express your vision because they're confident in your ability to create a powerful message and that's the greatest feeling.

Q: What advice would you give to someone who would like to become a successful photographer in today’s digital media driven world?
The world is filled with many talented creatives, yet everyone has a different DNA, you'll always bring something new and unique to the table. So don't create to blend in, challenge yourself and show the world through a different light.

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