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Our creator community has shown us that there are no limits to creative freedom. In this issue, we're putting the spotlight on collaborators who are taking their talents to the next level through content creation, videography, and live streaming.

Collectively Studio is the perfect offering to connect these diverse content creators to brands seeking digital storytellers.

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01: Nicholas Scarpinato

Nicholas Scarpinato’s work displays the beauty of nature in unexpected colors. Based in Los Angeles, he alters his images to create familiar yet surreal scenes. With a drive to create daily, Nicholas also expresses himself through painting and short films. This storyteller is no new face to the community—he's partnered with Absolut on six campaigns and just became an Aperol 2020 ambassador!

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02: Asiyami Gold

Asiyami is a Nigerian-born content creator. Her passion for travel, design, and photography tells a compelling visual story throughout her feed, taking you on a journey to experience beauty through her eyes. Asiyami’s creativity goes beyond content creation. As the Founder and Creative Director of AuCoStudio, she helps brands transform and build their identity through social media strategy, web design, and much more.

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03: Apartment Bartender

Elliott Clark, also known as the Apartment Bartender, is a well-respected tastemaker, cocktail creator, spirits writer, and photographer. What started out as a hobby for making cocktails at home has developed into a career that takes Elliott around the globe, mixing drinks for some of the world’s most notable brands and making the world of spirits more accessible to the at-home cocktail enthusiast.

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04: Talent Agencies We Love

Shade Management
Known as the 'leading influencer marketing agency for diversity, Shade Management is on a mission to level up influencer careers and improve representation for POC creators after noticing a diversity deficit in the social marketing scene. Today, Shade has a roster of over 1,000 black and brown creators, ranging from chefs to authors to actors and comedians. They've also launched PHAB Studio by SHADE, a photo studio to help lifestyle and e-commerce brands create high-quality editorial-style photography for their advertising—all featuring black creators as the models.

Kensington Grey
Committed to diverse talent and "best in class" content, Kensington Grey is a boutique agency that represents a large roster of diverse talent across North America and has cast campaigns for some of the world's biggest brands. They specialize in influencer marketing, casting, talent, strategy, and campaign management, and work to "give visibility to the spectrum of underrepresented groups with significant cultural capital."

Creative Circle
Creative Circle proudly represents creatives in design, copywriting, marketing, UX/UI, development, project management, and so many other categories. They're a great casting resource for illustrators, animators, graphic designers, and videographers.

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05: Videographers & illustrators on our minds.

@karenxcheng / 30 Under 30 & Adweek Creative 100
@Cache_Bunny / Adweek Creative 100
@ari_fararooy / Videographer
@katyschlemmer / Creative Director, Visual Artist
@drawbertson / Fashion Illustrator

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06: Miki Ash

This yogini and wellness guru continues to raise the bar for self-care. Her app, The How offers a holistic guide to meditation, journal prompts and yoga flows that encourages her audience to live a healthier lifestyle. Her content is beautifully designed, with breathtaking photographs and positive affirmations.

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07: James Rath

James is an award-winning, legally blind videographer. He's refused to let his vision be a barrier to success, and has won two Cannes awards for a commercial he directed for Tommy Hilfiger. Get to know James (and what it's like to see from his eyes, here).

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08: Jenne Claiborne

Also known as ‘Sweet Potato Soul’, Jenné Claiborne is a vegan chef, author, and YouTube vlogger. During quarantine, she’s using her platform to encourage wellness through entertainment, healthy-eating, live sustainability conversations, and parenting advice. If you're in need of tasteful vegan recipes, she's your go-to!

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09: Sam Cushing

The self-proclaimed fitness guru, musician, and entrepreneur wears many hats! Sam is always a step ahead when it comes to building his brand. During quarantine, he's hosted a series of live workouts and piano performances to keep his audience engaged. As an advocate for the LGBTQ community, Sam would be a great leader for Pride campaigns and any program where Live content is required.

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10: June Quan

June left her 9-5 job as a lawyer to follow her passion for cooking. She's built a strong community of foodies like herself and boasts incredible views on IGTV. Her content is filled with videos of her eating delicious mouthwatering meals (be warned, might make you hungry) from noodles to burgers and occasionally some healthy bowls… it’s all about balance, right?!

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