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As we face the challenges of COVID-19, social media is playing a role in keeping us connected, fostering a sense of hope and positivity, and reminding us that ultimately, we’re in this together.

During this time of uncertainty, creators are taking to their platforms to encourage everyone to follow public health recommendations and to spread comfort, optimism, and joy to their audiences. From small interactions to significant fundraising efforts, creators are using their talents in meaningful ways to make an impact.

Social influence in action can be a bright spot amidst the current health crisis, so we’re rounding up all of the responses we see that can offer a moment of relief.

We’ll continue to update this alphabetical list—please share additions with us!

  1. Actress and activist @alysonstoner is doing "14 days of Mindfulness with Alyson Stoner" on her Youtube channel which now has over 50K streams.
  2. @brandenharvey announced that he and his team are giving away the next @goodgoodgoodco newspaper for free in hopes that it will inspire you to make a difference in your community and pull you away from all the bad news on your screens.
  3. Famed researcher Brene Brown hosted a live 15-minute “church service” on Sunday evening to be “in communion with God, friends, and strangers” and “pass the peace.”
  4. Design-pro @BrightBazaar took the plunge and pushed up the launch of a new passion project—an email series called ‘Smile Mail.”
  5. Choreographer @ChachiGonzalez is making a post-baby come back launching #QuarantineDanceClass on Instagram Live
  6. @charleeatkins is the owner of @le.sweat, a New York City-based community of wellness and fitness-minded souls. She’s offering weekly workouts on her Instagram live to get you moving and staying positive.
  7. Italian fashion blogger @Chiara Ferragni has raised over €3 million to provide more hospital beds in her country, and is using her platform to call on other celebrities to not “underestimate the problem and spread the wrong message.”
  8. In response to school closures, @erinloechner is offering three weeks of free home-schooling plans through her company @othergoose.
  9. Fashion lead @ Instagram HQ @evachen212 is using the app’s native Donate button on Stories to support @nokidhungry and raise awareness for children who are at risk for hunger due to school closures.
  10. Beloved Instagram photographer @HumansofNY is adding a quarantine focus to his content, asking followers to send in stories via email that illustrate our humanity. He's interviewing people via FaceTime and sharing their moving #quarantinestories with his audience.
  11. @hunterwalk from VC Twitter is hosting WFHappy Hours via Zoom with leaders, influencers, and journalists like Taylor Lorenz and Casey Newton.
  12. A long-time leader in the online food community, @JoyTheBaker, is hosting Bakehouse workshops via Zoom as she's had to close her NOLA bakery temporarily.
  13. New Orleans-based @JuleyJames is compiling a directory of local restaurants that are offering pick up or delivery meals that can be frozen or ready to eat.
  14. Food blogger @lailacooks missed cooking for friends, so she invited NY locals to submit their address and receive a boxed lunch from her (hundreds wrote in!).
  15. Liz Stanley, the founder of The Huddle, is offering free {virtual} Huddle workshops this week to support your business right now.
  16. Children’s book author @MacBarnett is helping the home-schooling cause with daily readings on Instagram Live.
  17. Meghan Donovan of Wit & Whimsy shared “17 Uplifting Things to Do” in a recent post (think: donate to a charity or start a daily gratitude journal) and asked her followers to celebrate positive personal news in her Instagram comments.
  18. @NewYorkNico has been sharing lists of movies to watch during the quarantine, as well as updates on beloved New York influencers like the Green Lady of Brooklyn.
  19. Joy Cho of Oh Joy subbed an upcoming in-person reading for a virtual book launch party in early April and saw pre-sales skyrocket.
  20. Fashion darling Jane Aldridge of @SeaofShoes shared great advice on making the most of self-isolation (like jumpstarting creativity) based on lessons she’s learned from managing a chronic illness.
  21. @TaylorSterling is crowdsourcing a “Stay at Home Dance Party” playlist on Spotify.
  22. Parent, content creator, maker, and crafter @houselarsbuilt is offering discounted prices on printables and templates, and providing her readers with ideas for "Quarantine Creativity.”
  23. Danielle Krysa of @TheJealousCurator launched #30DayArtQuarintine to inspire people to create art and stay sane—over 1,000 works have been created in just a few days.
  24. Tim Ferriss interviewed Buddhist master Jack Kornfield on “Cultivating calm during difficult times” and described the conversation as ‘personal therapy for himself.
  25. Host and lifestyle expert @tommydidario launched "LetsStayTogether”—an Instagram Live talk show on his IGTV that focuses on telling the stories of inspiring people and giving everyone a much-needed escape. His first episode featured some pretty special guests and we're excited to see who's featured next!
  26. New York-based fashion and lifestyle influencer @vanessahong is hosting meditation courses and inspiring talks with visionaries such as fashion designer, @prabalgurung and chef @sophia_roe.
  27. San Francisco illustrator @WendyMac launched a daily live drawing class for “kids of all ages” on Instagram to share her craft with families looking to engage, entertain and educate their kids.
  28. Writer, mother, and designer @WitandDelight_ shared 20 journal prompts she swears by when she needs to “get out of her own head” and find some solace.
  29. LA-based foodie @WhatsGabyCookin is focused on pantry-staple recipes and answering DMs from followers about recipe substitutions according to what they have on hand.
  30. Viacom teamed up with the Ad Council to promote the importance of social distancing, leveraging its network of influencers and celebrities to join the cause and spread the word with the hashtag #AloneTogether.
  31. Phenomenal Woman (PW)— an organization founded by Meena Harris that brings awareness to social causes— is collaborating with National Domestic Workers Alliance to support their Coronavirus Care Fund that’s providing emergency relief to domestic workers facing hardships. Those who contribute $25 or more can send their receipt to PW to get a free Phenomenal Woman or Phenomenal Mother t-shirt.
  32. As a Chinese American, Loreen Hwang is using her platform to encourage her community to #RiseAboveRacism during COVID-19. Post a photo of yourself and use the hashtag to spread the word and show your support.
  33. Kait Hanson is working overtime and donating the extra cash she earns to people in need. “I’ve always believed that to whom much is given, much is expected and if I can help turn the tide for a few of you, it will all be worth it.” Check out her post to learn more
  34. If you need something to do from home that isn't Netflix, The House That Lars Built has you covered! Picture Hope: The Social Distancing Coloring Book was designed by 64 of your favorite artists from around the world. Each one drew their representation of hope during this challenging time and you get to color it in! Purchase now and all profits will go to the World Health Organization COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.
  35. When SXSW was canceled this year, hundreds of creatives lost their gigs, including A Taste of Koko. She launched Hire A Creative to help freelancers in Austin get discovered and hired. More than250 creatives have signed up thus far!

    Koko also launched Hundred For Hospitality to provide 100 meals a day for at least 14 days to those in the service industry that have been impacted by COVID-19. She’s raised over $10,000 in one week and has donated 100% of sales from her merch shop. Koko will be pledging a matching donation of $1000 and plans to provide meals until May 1st!
  36. Brittany Noble, also known as the Noble Journalist, is keeping her audience well informed with the status of COVID-19 in Harlem, NY through IGTV footage.
  37. Patrick Negri is raising money for the United Nations and utilizing all of his social platforms to educate, inform, and entertain his followers. Check out his article on why you need to sanitize your phone!
  38. Journey of a Braid has collaborated with Martha Graeff of The Bazaar for Good and Miami Diaper Bank to ensure babies are getting the essentials they need during this time.