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At Collectively, we work hard. But, we're all about smart ways to maintain productivity and avoid burnout. The phrase ‘working smart’ has a different meaning to each individual, as we all have different strengths and weaknesses. We collected some internal insights from Collectively staff to celebrate how we get it all done while keeping our cool using our new favorite app, Evernote. Here's how we’re maintaining sanity with the ultimate productivity service!

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Mastering Note Taking
Note taking is an unsung challenge and a foundational skill in the workplace. We may not be official 'masters' in note taking, but we think we're pretty close.

“The note taking portion is the main function I use, but I also like the reminders - I create folders and notes within each folder so I can quickly access previous meeting notes. It also copies better than other note taking apps in a word doc or email to easily share internally or with a client.”

“The seamless note functions makes organizing my projects, conversations, etc. a major time saver.”

“I like the ability to have multiple notebooks, so I can have one for Collectively and one for my personal blog all on the same platform."

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Heather Day

Easy Organization With Tags
Staying organized takes practice and dedication - and we're all about finding ways to perfect the skill. Here's how Evernote is helping our team stay on top of their to-do's:

“Tags for organizational purposes are key! I’m usually on the go when I need to find info for someone so I can quickly search for it. This is so tactical but I love the checkbox bullet list option – it gives me great pleasure to literally check something off my to do!”

“Everything is stored, in one long, long thread. So I could potentially sync up all my devices and search for anything. “

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Event Planning? No Problem!
Our lovely office manager can speak to the challenges of planning all types of Collectively events. She uses Evernote to stay on top of planning, from larger open-houses to smaller team happy hours.

“I have to plan multiple company events with varying timelines. I use the notebooks feature to keep track of all the events’ timelines and checklists - that way I can seamlessly switch from project to project with organized ease!”

Collaboration & Connectivity
Evernote fosters collaboration among teams and creates opportunities to work smarter with our colleagues and clients. Whether sharing notebooks for cross-functional feedback or recording and attaching voice memos to notes - the app supports greater connection overall.

“The notebook feature is genius and not one that many other note-taking platforms have thought of. I'm also able to have a collaborative note with other bloggers friends to brainstorm ideas for events, collaborations, etc.!”

"I also really like the voice memo feature, as it allows me to record client calls and attach to a specific note. That way I can go back and reference exactly what the client said in case I missed anything in the meeting! "

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Evernote has helped make life easier at Collectively - fostering greater organization and cross-functional collaboration. We're all about work-life balance and cultivating a culture of 'smart' workers. Evernote wins the prize for supporting productivity and ease throughout the busy work day!