Callie Preview Image

At Collectively we're big on building influencer strategies, authentic story-telling, creative initiatives...oh and hanging out with ridiculously adorable dogs.

Pups are already our favorite companions, but did you know that chilling with these canine colleagues helps relieve stress? Maybe that's why we have an open-dog-office policy and love having four-legged visitors at Collectively HQ!

In light of #NationalBestFriendsDay, we've rounded up our favorite office sidekicks.


This is Buddha! Meagan's cute little guy.

Natalie and pup

Natalie & Olive (if you're wondering, she's a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel)!

Brianas pupp

Stop looking at me! Actually, don't stop. Briana's best pug pal. Fun fact: #pugsofinstagram has more than 4 million (and growing) tags.

Callie Collectively

FYI, dogs are influencers too. This is @helloimcallie .

Elizas pup

Those eyes. Eliza's beautiful Australian shepherd, Jessa.

Harvey Callie

Harvey (our Co-Founder Alexa Tonner's Greyhound!) and Callie are busy collaborating.