Creativity is a force that fuels our community, and following its pull often results in unexpected ventures. Danny Owens says it best, "I earnestly believe creativity is an ever changing journey, you're always going to be learning and growing. And that growth might take you in completely different directions than you had ever planned." When we see our collaborators harness their creativity to successfully pivot into something new, we jump at the chance to honor and recognize their achievement.

So, when we caught wind of a new creative project spearheaded by Cyndi Ramirez of Taste The Style, we made it a priority to check it out IRL. After years of success in the content game, Cyndi recently opened Chillhouse -- a new, restorative co-working space, complete with a chic cafe (serving healthy treats like their Turmeric Latte) a nail salon and massage therapy services. Chillhouse is the ultimate relaxation destination. Tucked away in the busy Lower East Side neighborhood of New York City, the space allows entrepreneurs, bloggers and curious individuals to work and chill in an aesthetically pleasing environment. In an effort to take a little ‘chill’ time, our NYC team treated themselves to an afternoon Chillhouse, and they recommend anyone looking for respite from NYC to follow suit.

Diversifying outside of just content is a trend we’ve seen a lot - one that isn’t going away. Many are succeeding (shout out to Jessie Pepper on the launch of her clothing line!) and it's exciting to celebrate these accomplishments alongside our talented community. We can’t wait to see what amazing idea manifests next.

Chillhouse facade with Cyndi crp


Chillhouse Christine Han Photography 104


Want to know more about Chillhouse? Click here. They recently introduced a monthly membership plan so you can chill at your leisure ;)