Team walk camp

As a growing agency, we’re constantly scanning the horizon to assess what’s to come for our industry. Staying agile in the face of ongoing change is essential to our growth, and we rely on the smarts of our staff to help drive our forward-thinking culture. We believe everyone has something to bring to the table as we chart our course forward, whether it's an insight from a client, a new creative idea from a collaborator or a great industry read.

One very special way we help honor and sustain our strong and interconnected team is through our annual agency retreat, #CampCollectively.

Camp is a time for R&R, candid conversation, and good old-fashioned fun. It's also a time to bring forth the insights we've gathered cross-functionally, to deepen team awareness and strategic thinking. Overall, there are three major goals for a successful Camp: learn from within, identify areas for growth, and have fun!

Here are some of our favorite moments from this year's Camp at the top of Mayacamas Ranch in Calistoga, CA.


Nothing breaks the ice like a little improv. With Battle Decks, teammates had to give on-the-fly presentations with slides they'd never seen before. Mostly for laughs, but also to practice quick thinking, Battle Decks is a new favorite game at Collectively.


Lounging poolside!


Some of our team braved the heat for some epic hikes.

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