A winning influencer marketing strategy starts with understanding how influencer content can complement your brand's ongoing marketing initiatives. Here’s Collectively’s approach:

Build on a solid foundation
When layered into a larger campaign, influencer content has the power to increase overall reach and impact.

For example, our Digiday and OMMA award-winning work for Old Navy centered on the brand’s ongoing style campaign, "50 Styles, 50 States” and leveraged the influence of 50 digital content creators, generating social media buzz and awareness tied directly to a core brand narrative.

Get personal
Use influencer marketing to humanize the messages you’re aiming to share.

In our Old Navy project, the influencers’ personal state-inspired style storiesillustrated the versatility of the brand from a variety of perspectives and bolstered campaign messaging through direct influencer recommendations.

Spread out across platforms
Collectively’s multi-platform program spanned blogs, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Content generated more than 112,000 digital interactions and resulting in increased social media buzz and brand awareness during key moments within the campaign timeline.

Create a lasting content library
On-brand, cost-effective content can result from an investment in thoughtful influencer activations.

For Old Navy, the influencer content resulted in a library of creative assets that were used across social media, email marketing, and paid advertising to further the reach of the trusted influencer recommendations.

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