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Photo: @lizzie_darden

We're among the top 10 for Marketing and Advertising.

Joining longtime industry leaders Wieden+Kennedy and BBDO and leading brands including Adidas, Collectively earned a spot on the annual ranking of the world’s Most Innovative Companies (MIC) for 2018—an honor recognizing the leading enterprises and rising newcomers that exemplify the best in business and innovation.

“Influencer marketing has moved from the edges of brand strategy to the very center, informing everything from product design to launch strategy to ongoing in-market conversation,” said Collectively Co-Founder and CEO, Ryan Stern.

Influencer marketing—already a $2-3 billion industry—continues to expand as mobile use of social media apps grows exponentially and brands increasingly turn to social media creators to reach their target audiences in a way that’s relevant and resonant.

This practice represents a disruptive force in advertising, and led by innovative, strategic agencies like Collectively, it’s shifting the economics of marketing as we know it—especially as brands shift budgets away from digital display advertising.

Influencer marketing is now on track to becoming a $10 billion industry by 2020. With this recognition, we intend to continue shaping that future.