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The Campari Group wanted to tap Instagram influencers to drive widespread awareness and advocacy for the Aperol Spritz to inspire consumers to choose it as their daytime summer cocktail of choice.


From Summer Solstice to Labor Day, we brought together an array of 100 cultural tastemakers to celebrate the Aperol Spritz—the storied Italian cocktail long-beloved for its gorgeous color and popularity as a drink that brings people together.

From barside to poolside to seaside, collaborators created optimistic editorial content infused with Aperol’s unmistakable orange. Whether recounting stories of Italian trips where they first encountered the Spritz or illustrating the ritual behind the bubbly bevvy (ice + Prosecco + Aperol + dash of soda + orange slice)—influencers’ content piqued audience interest and drove favorability.

To further amplify Aperol experiential marketing, prominent ambassador influencers with broad reach on Instagram attended brand-hosted events and shared their experiences, creating repeat exposure throughout the summer in tandem with other PR and social media strategies. Their work prompted followers to try the Aperol Spritz for themselves, and post their own colorful experiences.

The result: the Aperol Spritz was everywhere on social and beyond—even earning coverage by the New York Times—and truly took its rightful position as the drink of summer.


  • 381 Total Posts
  • 15% Comment Relevancy
  • 25MM Potential Impressions

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