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BOSS Bottled Tonic Launch

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BOSS Bottled Tonic Launch @levitatestyle


BOSS Bottled Tonic, a luxe fragrance by Hugo Boss, sought to elevate its profile with a bespoke campaign built upon meaningful dialogue about modern masculinity during New York Men’s Fashion Week.


In collaboration with the preemenent fragrance experts at Coty, we cast a dynamic influencer ensemble from the New York’s men’s fashion and style scene. During Fashion Week, the diverse group, known for their impeccable personal style and substantive, sophisticated takes on a wide range of topics, joined an event for the reveal of BOSS Bottled Tonic, where, sporting Hugo Boss suiting, they learned about the brand’s vision and streamed the event via newly-launched Instagram Stories.

Afterwards, collaborators shared reflections from their experiences alongside far-ranging personal narratives that aligned with the brand’s #manoftoday platform to amplify the BOSS Bottled Tonic values of integrity, masculinity and success. These stories together drove awareness, relevance and consideration from early fall through the holiday season.


  • 5.9% View Rate
  • 1.4% Engagement Rate
  • 6MM Potential Impressions

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