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Boosted Boards wanted to expand customer perceptions by appealing to a more mainstream modern commuter and to test influencer marketing as a vehicle for awareness to continue the brand’s growth.


We custom-selected collaborators known for inventive visual storytelling and shaped a content strategy for the electric skateboard brand centered solely on Instagram posts, Stories and videos in an effort to connect Boosted Boards with the right potential new customers.

The program’s diverse content ranged from unboxing stories, to portraits capturing “first impression” post-ride vibes, to video montages of suddenly fun commutes that showed the electric skateboards in action. Collaborators’ commentary about the benefits of this new mode of transport started lively dialogue among followers.

The brand creatively leveraged top assets on Boosted Boards’ owned and operated channels, and further cemented their relationships with select collaborators through thoughtful social attribution.

Seeing how the program effectively delivered on multiple fronts, the team evolved to an annual partnership model that produced a library of quality content and a steady flow of rich testimonials—the perfect base to launch next gen models from.


  • 3MM Content Views
  • 21.9% View Rate
  • 3.56% Engagement Rate

Program Elements

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Influencer Strategy

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