Rothy’s, a rising star in direct-to-consumer footwear, wanted to see if influencer marketing could keep in-step with its fast-moving pipeline and raise the style profile of its washable woven shoes in a way that reflected the brand’s ethos.


Collectively worked closely to build connections with style and lifestyle influencers who supported key launch moments like Rothy’s first retail store, a line for girls, two new silhouettes, summer and fall collections and a special edition metallics run. We quickly showed how influencers efficiently scaled the brand’s own efforts, and co-created a content delivery system and cadence where their rich social content was deployed across the brand’s paid media efforts to achieve further return.

Whether influencers helped the brand grow its presence in strategic secondary markets through walkable city guides, or explored the brand’s eco-conscious sustainability story, their style-led stories generated far-ranging discussions on social channels where followers’ own curiosities and passionate perspectives complemented the brand’s own voice.

Our analysis on the rich dialogue stemming from the activations has become an important input that helps the brand continue its innovative, responsive design approach that follows the customer’s lead.

Learn more about Rothy's here.

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