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Rescue Remedy Product Awareness

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Life can get stressful, especially during the hectic back-to-school and holiday seasons. Leading up to this peak sales timing, the Rescue Remedy team was looking to generate product awareness, trial and engagement for their line of all-natural, plant-based stress management products.


We developed a multi-vertical influencer program designed to capture a range of storytelling across the diverse Rescue Remedy product portfolio. We tailored the engagement to deliver both highly-engaging content and assets to support the brand team’s social media and publishing calendar, helping drive impact and greatest efficacy of the program beyond just the influencer posts.


  • 50 Influencers Activated
  • 300 Influencer Posts
  • 54% Awareness Lift

Program Elements

Icon 64 Pe Influencer Strategy
Influencer Strategy

Icon 64 Pe Product Sampling
Product Sampling

Icon Pe Media Assets
Brand Content & Assets

Icon 64 Pe Custom Insights
Custom Reporting

Content Highlights

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If you are looking to for a creative and responsive influencer agency that a) sets attainable, realistic, yet impressive goals, b) does not require daily micromanagement and c) generates results – then look no further than Collectively.”
Kim Knoblauch
Brand Manager