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Fear No Mess

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@heatherdayart fearing no mess in her studio with method.


Method’s new advertising creative platform “Fear No Mess” launched in the spring of 2016 with visually arresting storytelling designed to put the fun back in messy.


The desire to market to a digitally-native customer exclusively on digital meant the green cleaning brand needed a smart influencer marketing program to generate sustained support on social media for core products.

We managed a multi-vertical influencer partnership to deliver a holistic range of advocacy content throughout the year. Our program was designed to complement and integrate with the team’s larger marketing plans and initiatives, from paid media to the creative team and events.


  • 20 Method Ambassadors
  • 645 Influencer Posts
  • 200K Engagements

Program Elements

Icon 64 Pe Influencer Strategy
Influencer Strategy

Icon 64 Pe Events
Event Integrations

Icon 64 Pe Product Sampling
Product Sampling

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Custom Reporting

Content Highlights

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