Much like that third or fourth glass of eggnog, holiday marketing and advertising can tend to feel a bit excessive. With somuch content being distributed around this time of year, brands are challenged to find innovative ways to get noticed by consumers—an increasingly daunting task in today’s noisy digital marketplace. And it isn’t enough to just get noticed. Today, marketing is all about forming meaningful relationships with customers.

Brands hoping to distinguish themselves are increasingly turning to social media influencers to help bring their messages to life in more authentic and genuine ways. By leveraging the voices of influencers and their unique connection to their audiences, brands can foster new customer relationships that will last well beyond the holidays.

So, how do you create standout influencer campaigns during the holiday season? Here are some tidbits of Collectively advice, as told through our favorite holiday gifs!

Evocative Content Wins
With purchases motivated by emotional intent, brands should seek to connect and engage potential customers in an unforgettable way. Tapping into the collective feelings of “glad tidings of good cheer” with emotionally-resonant content will make a lasting impression. For many retail brands, family-oriented campaign messaging that speaks to the meaning of the season is always a good North Star when devising content strategy.

This is where social media influencers can help. Content creators are master storytellers, and can help bring campaign messaging to life through beautiful imagery and social video, wrapped up in their own relatable, real-life experiences. Influencers can bring their audiences along with them as they experience the holidays, inviting them into their celebrations, and sharing their special traditions, rituals, and recipes.

Give It Staying Power
While holiday content often relies on seasonal nostalgia, it can also go beyond the predictable tropes to retain relevance throughout the year. Distinctive content that can be remembered months after the holiday season will help sustain the brand-customer relationship.

Influencers know exactly how to produce memorable content that their audience will respond to, while also integrating brand messaging or seasonal themes. When content has legs to exist outside the holidays, or a specific holiday season, it can be re-purposed and shared across brand channels throughout the year, or even during the following holiday season.

Provide Value
Content that offers tangible advice or provides a solution to a real challenge, is automatically more impactful, relevant, and, most importantly, memorable.

Today’s digital consumers trust “word of mouth” recommendations from content creators who provide value in the form of resources, reviews, tips, tricks, recipes, and advice. Audiences will continue to tune-in to sources that add value to their overall experience, or have improved their life in some impactful way. Social influencers are experts in providing value to their audience, while seamlessly integrating brand messaging to generate consideration.

Capture Key Moments & Be Prepared to Move Quickly
Capitalizing on key seasonal moments via strategic timelines is a major part of holiday content planning and campaign success. Influencer-led programs that take advantage of timely social conversations generate relevant engagement among consumers who are hungry to be part of the seasonal buzz.

Brands that maintain a consistent drumbeat of influencer voices throughout the year have an advantage when it comes to quick-turn holiday activations. They can rely on the solid relationships they've built with these creators to ensure the right cadence and tone of holiday content for their brand. For example, in an upcoming Collectively campaign, influencers will share about Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales—building on the partnerships they've already been developing this year, and emphasizing the brand's value to an audience already primed to pay attention.

Just like the perfect Holiday gift, holiday-related influencer content should aim to be a little different, a little unconventional, and, most of all, meaningful. Late to the holiday game this year? There's still time to plan ahead for key moments throughout December and January! Let’s chat!