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Each year our teams come together to paint a holistic picture of the industry and to identify essential trends for the year ahead based on marketer and creator input.

One thing is clear—influencer marketing entered a new weight class in 2019, and there’s no slow-down in sight. The practice is now a top-three priority investment among marketers that requires global strategy and new levels of coordination.

This year’s report covers, what brands are spending, what the work looks like and how it gets done, evolution in the industry, influencer performance and ROI, the 'business of influencing' as a creator, and select platform updates to watch.

The in-depth data story illuminates several key trends and essential takeaways including:

  1. Influencer marketing is now a full-funnel strategy that spans far beyond sponsored posts.
  2. The practice is more performance-driven than ever due to new levels of data transparency.
  3. Sophisticated content reuseand amplification unlocks the full value of influencer investments and impacts business goals with metrics like sentiment, sales, and return on ad spend.
  4. Fan-influencer relationships are transforming as platforms launch features that address desires for privacy.

Visit our reports page to download and dive into "Influencer Marketing in 2020."