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Source: Brooke White and Kendall Keith for Old Navy. Shot by Kat Borchart.

At Collectively, we’re especially passionate about celebrating and empowering women in business! So, we were delighted when a talent agent we work with invited us to speak on a panel to launch her newly founded networking group, Women In Influencer Marketing. We sat down with female leaders in the business – from Hearst to Refinery29 - to have a candid conversation about what success in our industry looks like.

Here’s some of the best advice we walked away with that applies to women (and men!) who want to cultivate long-term success in our industry.

1. Stay Nimble
While success in any industry takes grit and hard work, when it comes to Influencer Marketing, adaptability is paramount. Social platforms are evolving faster than we can update our Facebook feed; from algorithm updates to new features and monetization opportunities, nothing stays the same for too long. A readiness for change and an ability to predict trends as a result of industry shifts will keep you ahead of the curve.

2. Network IRL
Between never-ending to-do lists, time sensitive deliverables and quick turn campaigns, it’s easy to stay laser focused and never leave your desk. Connecting with others, in real life, is so valuable though! Whether it’s taking the time to have lunch with a cross-functional team member, or heading to an industry event, real time connection creates the opportunity to learn and grow in unexpected ways.

3. Celebrate Authenticity & Meaningful Content
In a world where content is being published by the second, it’s important to remember that not all content is created equally. At Collectively, we believe compelling storytelling and meaningful messaging is at the core of any successful content strategy, and we’ve made it our mission to help creators share their unique voice as part of campaigns that matter to them. A dedication to quality, creativity and meaning keeps us passionate about the industry we live, breathe and sleep.