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Our NewsletterSeptember 30, 2021

Customer advocacy is influencer marketing, and it's the future of marketing.

Our latest industry round-up features discussions about the growing importance of customer advocates and ambassadors in brand marketing strategy.

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Our NewsletterAugust 02, 2021

Edition #14: Social Influence & the Olympics

Gold medal social influence trends shaping our digital culture...

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Volume 11
Our NewsletterAugust 28, 2020

Edition # 11: Influencer strategy for Q4

We need hope, humor, and realistic ideas for fostering connectivity this holiday season (spoiler: influencers can help).

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Our NewsletterJuly 01, 2020

Edition # 10: Creators are a force for social change

We believe that advertising campaigns should reflect the greater diversity and values of our changing world.

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Our NewsletterMay 28, 2020

Edition # 9: Influencer culture + commerce, politics, and entertainment.

In this edition, we're exploring how influencer culture shows up in three major pillars of American life: commerce, politics, and entertainment.

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Our NewsletterApril 22, 2020

Edition # 8: Bracing for change & a socially distant influencer economy

Constant change has been a defining characteristic of the social influence industry.

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Our NewsletterMarch 11, 2020

Edition # 7: Ephemeral features and keeping the spark alive with creators

Decoding the complex world of influencer marketing for busy marketers and industry experts.

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Our NewsletterDecember 12, 2019

Edition # 5: Instagram’s move not liked by all, FTC pilots playbook and “influencer cities” emerge

Here’s a fact that should surprise no one: 2019 saw the largest online Black Friday spending day ever, while brick and mortar sales fell 6%.

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Our NewsletterNovember 21, 2019

Edition #4: Content realness, TikTok, and a new standard for measurability

Pre-holiday explosion of food content, high schoolers form TikTok clubs, and running the DTC playbook.

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Our NewsletterOctober 10, 2019

Edition #3: A TwitchCon first, #ad inclusivity and Carpe Diem on LinkedIn

Out of the box ideas from in the field to jumpstart Q4 (and beyond).

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Our NewsletterSeptember 12, 2019

Edition # 2: Beyond Content Collaboration, More for Stories and HBR on #ad

A look at influencer strategies from Adidas and H&M, "Threads" —> DMs, and findings on disclosure.

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Our NewsletterAugust 09, 2019

Edition # 1: VidCon 2020, Cringe and End of Likes?

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